The Blue Chip

Tankfull Report

Sept 2012

Editor Fred Schafer

Volume. 5 of 15

Well Shipmate: So far the shipmates address list is approx 285 now. We are all getting older and time is going by very fast now. Remember how a four-year hitch used to be forever. To me it seams like I am doing newsletter all the time. I guess I am having way too much fun. If I take a nap I have forgotten which day it is. I keep seeing more and more jokes about seniors now I am one

This has been a quiet summer for news from Shipmates. Hope you have had a great summer. All veterans get into the VA for help with your Health. I am charged a co-pay for Med's of $ 9.00 a month per prescription. Charged every three months. Atomic veterans are in-Priority group 6. (Only when you have one or more of the 27 different cancers or ailments.) All Veterans can be qualified for assistance. Atomic Veterans when you pass away there is a clause for Atomic Veterans, that if you pass from Ionization Radiation your spouse may be able to receive a monthly check of close to $ 1,000.00, so inform you Doctor, and let him know. Please get listed with the IRR through the VA. Have all chest x-rays read for Mesothelioma ,some of our shipmates are dying of Asbestos in the lungs. Let your family members know of the web site. They may want to stay abreast of Ionization radiation

Anyone knowing the where about of other shipmates please sent me their names, address and phone Numbers, so I can get them on the list. More of you shipmates are coming on line and it makes it easier to make contact. The Tankful report Newsletter in on our web site. If you have the internet you can get the report.

Also now we Have Coffee Mugs with the Chipola on them cost $10.00 plus S & H charges. Shipmates with the Internet, Go to WWW.military.com, WWW.classmates.com, WWW.hullnumber.com And sign in. All shipmates let us know if a shipmate is in bad heath, needing help or needing prayer. Call someone closed to you and meet for coffee. Take a trip and knock on some shipmate's door. Anyone getting close to my neck of the woods has a place to visit, spend the night or two or three, and have a meal. The price is you tales. I hope I got everyone who asked for videos and cards. If I forgot some shipmate please let me know.

If you want a yearly address list you will need to send in $15.00 before the first of the year.

The yearly dues will be $15.00 for the newsletter and address list. This is not mandatory. Thanks everyone for the help. Just keep me in stamps and paper and Ink. I am getting a lot of thankful report back because of change of address. Please send in notice it save us a stamp.

I am going Salmon fishing for the month of Sept at Alsea River in Waldport, OR so I am trying to get the newsletter out a little early.

Add: Lost Shipmate's

Taps: Allen Ewald 54-55 Keneth Day RM1 68, Micheal Gladson EN3-A 64-66, Steve Gotheridge MM2 68-71, Russell Dougherty 1944,

Treasure's report as of 08/20/2012 is $ 223.00.

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