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TRC Products

Roofing Maintenance

Texas Refinery Corp Single-ply is a heat fused [Torch down] roofing system. Coated with T.R.C. Aluminum roof coating gives a warrantee system that looks great and will solve all roofing problems on a flat or slightly sloped roof area for many years.

Mighty Plate Products are cold process application of coating , glasbase or membranes, and Aluminum roof coatings for flat or slightly sloped roof areas. With warrantees

Metal Seals stop leaking of metal roofing, and improves looks of old rusty roofing.

Blacktop Maintenance

Quick-Dry Asphalt Paving Sealer is a petrolem base asphalt mixture for parking areas, 55 % asphalt by volume. Ease of Application by roller, or squeegee. Adds years to blacktop surfaces.

Pourable Crack Filler pours into crack to fill them, and protects them from water damage

Industrial Cleaners

Multi-Klean is a mild cleaner, Quadra-Klean is medium to heavy cleaner,
Power Cleanse Hand Cleaner
is great for heavy soiled hands,

Floor Maintenanc Products

Concrete shop floors, non-skid coatings, and Wood Flooring

Specialty Products

Rainseal is for moisture protection for masonary, Brick Building


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